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Suggestions for posed photos:

We cover the audience with a black overlay to reduce distractions in the image and put more emphasis onto the group onstage. When a chorus is very large they are more rectangular. For this reason we recommend ordering a more rectangular size image, otherwise there will be a disproportionate amount of space on the top and bottom of the image. For example, an 8x10 is less rectangular than an 8x18 and because of this there will be more space on the top and bottom.

Look below for Chorus Size Selection Table!









8 x 10+ is suggested for choruses up to 30 members on stage
11 x 14+  is suggested for choruses up to 40-50 members on stage
8x16+ is suggested for choruses up to 50-60 members on stage
10x16+ is suggested for choruses over 70 members on stage




For onstage posed photos at conventions we recommend making sure you practice your final onstage pose to make sure that everyone's faces can be seen, as our photographer will not be able to direct the group. These photos are taken at the end of your performance during the applause and are taken automatically without any direction from the photographer. 


For posed quartets: The photographer will take 2 photographs- one standard pose AND one pose that's chosen by each quartet. This will mean each quartet will have both a traditional pose and a pose of your choice (make it fun and be silly!)